Monday, November 28, 2011

Sista, Sista!!!


I have two WONDERFUL sisters, that I look up to a lot. It has been so much fun to get to know them as an “adult” and not the annoying little sister. What I have noticed about all three of us, is that we are each DIFFERENT. My sister Emily, loves to run, hike, ride bikes, and talk food. My sister LauriAnn loves to study history, go on road trips, read books, and watch Boise State Football. I like to watch t.v shows, play on computers, golf, and snowboard. As you can see we are each different, HOWEVER we each have something in common, we are Daughters of God, and he loves us. There are going to be many different Girls that you will meet and interact with, some you might not get along with, and some may be your best friends. When you find those girls who might ACT different, or doesn't dress like you, or have the newest things, ALWAYS remember that THEY too are Daughters of God, and He loves them, treat them how He treats you...with LOVE

"Remember that you're a daughter of God, and you're hot!"

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