Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Rebel To Rescued...

Last night I had a dream that my Mission President, Jack R.. Christianson asked me to come back to New York for a few months. I said YES of course and told him that my bags were still packed...When I woke up, I realized how much I miss serving the Lord in New York. As I have gone about my day, I think I have brought up “my mission” about every 5 minutes. I miss the feeling of watching people change because they have found the TRUTH. Today, my brother sent me this link “Dear Elder,” it was a video from a girl named Al Fox, who was baptized in the Rochester Mission. While watching it I had that spark I was missing come back into me like a fire cracker on the 4th of July. As I started to look through her blog and her pictures, I knew one thing about her... She knows it's true and she wants to share it! Her conversion story is one of inspiration to members, people investigating The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints and the wonderful missionaries who are serving. Al is right...NEVER GIVE UP... Everyone needs to be rescued, it may not seem easy at first, but when truth hits, it will leave an impression. Al Fox is not ashamed of who she is, she has come to know that

She is a Daughter of God and She's HOT!!!


Here is her video 
“Dear Elder” 


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