Tuesday, November 13, 2012


With my education I learned to use Wordpress, and so my blog has been changed. It is one that follows me in many aspects of my life. If your interested check it out, its a good one, I mean its the life of a CLARE BEAR!


Here is a PREVIEW

http://lifeofaclarebear.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/the-pic.jpgI am CLARE. I am 22 ALMOST 23! I was born and raised in Boise Idaho, with my fellow FIVE siblings. I am daddy’s little girl, my mom is my best friend. I am one spicy 5’2 spit fire. I have lived my life with the motto, “I do what I want.” I never look back, I like to live in the moment. I am a Mormon girl, and I promise, I don’t practice polygamy. I live a somewhat “normal” life. I am studying at Utah State, and will receive a Bachelor Degree in Communications Studies,  minors in Family Human Development and  Women and Gender Studies, and a concentration in Computer Science, all in the month of MAY! I currently do social networking for a job, and hope to pursue a larger career in it in the future. I am an avid rock climber, golfer, snowboarder, longboarder, and tv-watcher.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Who Knew?

A year ago I was in a place called Henrietta, New York serving as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. While I was serving there I was teaching a family of three. I loved teaching them because I felt so comfortable with them. While I was in their area they didn't just get baptized. It took time, while we were teaching them, I would pray for them constantly to come to know the truth for themselves. Over and over again I got the answer, "In time they will, and you will see it." For a long time I was angry because I am a "right now" kind of person.

I ended my mission early because I was sick. I was worried about this family, and what would happen. In January, I received a call from a wonderful young woman, exclaiming that she was going to be baptized... I had never been so happy. Following in her example, later her parents were married and baptized in May!

This summer, I had the opportunity to have this beautiful daughter of God at EFY. Who knew that I would get to work with her again? It was life changing to see what creating a relationship with her Heavenly Father did for her. While I was teaching about the Book of Mormon, I had Sammie share her testimony with the other participants. It was a moment in time I will never forget. A girl so young and new to the church was able to strengthen the testimonies of many.it is amazing what the Lord can do when we are patient. Sammie is an example; she is a daughter of God.

©lare Vaterlaus 2012

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Willing To Change

Last week, I was had the opportunity to meet an amazing girl. She was the first participant that I had met that week. At EFY the standards that the participants are asked to follow are set at a higher bar so that they can feel the spirit more. When I met Sammie she had a pink strip of hair that did not fall under the guidelines... I had to ask her to dye it. She had come all alone but she handled it like a champ. Before I asked her to dye it I said a silent prayer and asked Heavenly Father to help me find the easiest way to help Sammie. As I talked to her, you could see that this was a hard thing for her. The only option we had was to dye her hair. As you can see, she has gorgeous hair and did not want to change it. As I watched her make the hard decision, you could see all she wanted to do was to choose the right no matter the outcome. As she uttered "Yes I will dye it," a thought came into my head. As silly as it was, it was inspired by God. Since it was just a strip of pink hair, I thought why not just put a hair wrap in. Before presenting the idea to her I had to get it approved. I know that because she was willing to dye her hair, Heavenly Father provided a different option for her. He just needed to see if she would be willing. I am so proud of Sammie and the example she was to the others at EFY. We became great friends. She is a daughter of God, and she’s hot :]

©lare Vaterlaus

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Youth With Rise

Youth Will Rise
First of all, I am very sorry for not posting in a while. I finished up the spring semester and started my summer job. I am currently employed as a Building Councilor for Especially For Youth. I get to work with youth from all over the world, ages 14-18 for an entire week at a time. I have been very impressed with how the program has changed and how the youth have reacted to the missionary work included. I would love to share some of my experiences with all of you. One of the things EFY summer camp has started is a video message. This week was my turn to film. As stressful as it was to create, it will prove to be a great tool for the youth to use in their efforts to share the gospel. Feel free to check out the video and share it with your friends!

©lare Vaterlaus
Remember that you’re a daughter of God…
And you’re hot :]

Monday, January 23, 2012

He is always with you, don't be afraid.

In our everyday lives we need inspiration.

     I have said it before, but Al Fox does just that.   
                         She has created another masterpiece.

ALWAYS THERE. Her new video shows her experiment of having Christ in her life at all times. She carries a photo of Him with her for a whole day. She literally has made Christ the center of her life. What I admire the most is that she is not afraid. Everywhere she goes she is an example, she is a Daughter of God.

Check her video out, and share it with others. 

©LV 2012

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Exchanging with Prayer

On Sundays it takes me a total of 3 ½ minutes to get to church. I know that I am a lucky girl for this, even while serving in New York it only took 20 minutes to get to church. I know that there are many members that have to travel hours to get to take the sacrament, but they try their best to get there. I have always looked up to them. One of the Young Women from my home stake is learning that exact thing; it is not just a 5 min drive anymore.  She is currently living in Austria as an exchange student.  I had her write me about some of her experiences that she has had while on this adventure. When Tasia talked about her routine to get to church, I felt very blessed!

Now, my time here has been another amazing blessing in my life already. I have seen the Lords hand in my life so many times in the last 5 months. I have been placed in an amazing host family. It may be hard sometimes because they aren't LDS and sometimes they just don't understand my standards sometimes, but I get by. Getting to church here is also kind of a pain. I have to be driven 10-15 minutes to Town (I'm not allowed to drive here) then i take a train for 30-50 minutes into Vienna, then the subway for 10-15 minutes and then walk another 15 minutes to the church. I have found it is so hard to make myself get out of bed early on Sunday and travel that far. Not because I don't want to go to church, but because i have to go alone. I have always taken my family for granted in that way. My testimony of how important it is to go to church has greatly increased since I got here.”
I know how scary it is to leave home for an extended period of time, not knowing what life is going to be like in the new culture. I am very impressed with how Tasia has adapted and taken on new challenges even though they seemed daunting at first, but she jumped in and was able to see answers to her prayers.
“I am currently learning how to make Austrian pastries and sweets at a Pastry shop nearby, because both my host parents are friends of the owners.  All of these things have been answers to my prayers. I was thinking before I left that I wanted to be a waitress while I was in College so that I could learn AND earn money for myself. I had always thought that it would be fun to open up my own restaurant or bakery or pastry shop and I'm learning a  LOT at school, at the pastry shop AND at home with my host mom. I was scared to start this language since I had already learned 2 ½  years of Spanish, but in 5 months, I can already say and understand so a lot of the language.”
It is so neat to see valiant Young Women from around the world embarking on these adventures. I know that it has been a great blessing in Tasia’s life, but think about how many people she is influencing on her Austrian adventure. She is relying on her Heavenly Father to lead and guide her through this experience. Tasia is a great example to me of making decisions based on prayer, she said…
“I prayed to know if I should go or not and asked my Father in Heaven to make things go wrong while I was getting the mounds of paperwork done, but everything has seemed to be handed to me on a silver platter."


Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Climb

Over the Holidays I was invited to go rock climbing with my brother and dad. I had been before, and had enjoyed it. This time, was going to be a little bit different, we were bouldering. We did not have someone to belay us, it was all about the climb. At first, I was a little intimidated. I knew that the fall would be broken by soft padding, but I still felt the fear creeping in. As I watched my dad and brother climb the walls like SPIDERMAN, I decided to go for it. I started to climb on the easier wall, I realized that without a rope you had to be more careful. There were times that I missed a step and fell, but my fall was ALWAYS broken either by the padding or my brother, who was coaching me.
scriptureThat night while laying in bed, contemplating how sore I was going to be the next day, I thought of starting school again. I could feel the fear I had experienced while rock climbing, start to overcome me again. I knew I was going to be taking REALLY hard classes and working a lot. That is when I had a scripture POP into my head, Joshua 1:9, “Be of good courage!” That is when relief came over me. No matter how hard my classes get, and how stressed I feel, I know HE IS WITH ME through my climb.