Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Willing To Change

Last week, I was had the opportunity to meet an amazing girl. She was the first participant that I had met that week. At EFY the standards that the participants are asked to follow are set at a higher bar so that they can feel the spirit more. When I met Sammie she had a pink strip of hair that did not fall under the guidelines... I had to ask her to dye it. She had come all alone but she handled it like a champ. Before I asked her to dye it I said a silent prayer and asked Heavenly Father to help me find the easiest way to help Sammie. As I talked to her, you could see that this was a hard thing for her. The only option we had was to dye her hair. As you can see, she has gorgeous hair and did not want to change it. As I watched her make the hard decision, you could see all she wanted to do was to choose the right no matter the outcome. As she uttered "Yes I will dye it," a thought came into my head. As silly as it was, it was inspired by God. Since it was just a strip of pink hair, I thought why not just put a hair wrap in. Before presenting the idea to her I had to get it approved. I know that because she was willing to dye her hair, Heavenly Father provided a different option for her. He just needed to see if she would be willing. I am so proud of Sammie and the example she was to the others at EFY. We became great friends. She is a daughter of God, and she’s hot :]

©lare Vaterlaus


  1. Last week I was in the efy Provo 7a session where you were are B.C.. I thought I had seen you before but I figured it was from a past efy. Finally sunday it clicked that we had met you in the sacred grove last summer where you had shared with us your story about being able to speak Albanian and coming to the Sacred Grove. Through out the year I'd often think about the Albanian missionary and wonder if she ever found her Albanian family. Your story really touched me at the sacred grove along with your talk at efy. I could really feel the spirit! I just thought it was so cool that we happened to cross paths again! Thank you for helping me feel the spirit! -Kathryn

  2. Hi, Clare! I came to BYU for EFY last week during the 8B session. I was in Arianna's group and I had so much fun on pizza night with you! Meeting you and hearing you speak was such a blessing. Today during church, I was feeling totally alone in Young Women's. A few of the girls are really close and really exclusive. I was having an especially hard time today remembering that I am loved and beautiful. It helped me so much to remember what you'd shared with us about your trials and what you told us on the first night of EFY: We're daughters of God and we're HOT! That's all that matters. Thanks so much for helping me stay positive and confident. I already miss EFY so much, but I'm bound and determined to share what I learned there with other girls that need it. Love, Katie