Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bounce into 2012!

Another year has come and gone! It is time to BOUNCE into 2012. As I look back over the past year I can see that I have had many successes and failures. I may or may not have gained a few pounds, my hair has gotten longer, and I even learned a new language. Every year we go through changes, we become accustomed to these changes and we make it a part of our normal routine, it becomes just a part of our daily life, with no significance. As we have these changes come up throughout our lives, we need to make sure that there is “ONE” thing that we never make “JUST” a part of life, it needs to be our drive, our focus, our reason to keep bouncing. That one thing is to REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE A DAUGHTER OF GOD and you are worth something.

For Christmas my brother's received these Hoppity Balls, and now none of my family members can stop bouncing. We have tried to see who can bounce the highest, who can balance the longest, and who can bounce through an entire movie. Through our games there have been quite a few crashes, a few broken household items, some tears, but many laughs. As a New Year comes, people tend to set new goals. As you try and achieve these goals, there will be some “ups” and “downs,” and you might fall off. Just remember, there is always a reason to get back on the ball and bounce again, because...

You're a Daughter of God, and You're Hot!



  1. Clare this is awesome! I'm just going to get onto my invisible hoppity ball now and bounce to the new year!

  2. Thanks, they really are fun!!! Happy New Year!!!